Anne Stagg writes sex-positive, affirming erotic fantasy fiction and advocates for creating healthy, sex-positive, affirming sexual spaces for the LGBTQIA community and women. You can find her stories on Bellesa.co an adult entertainment site that is curated by women, for women.

Current Series: The Mound of Gaia Stories

There is more to our world than our mortal realm. Millenia ago the ancient goddesses and gods created another dimension to share this earth. It is a place where magic and myth are alive. The Mound of Gaia is the sacred order charged with protecting both worlds from harm. Meet Vera Desalliers, a powerful Sorceress, Sam, as shape shifter and her Familiar, and Evander, her Guardian and a descendent of the ancient Spartans.   These lovers lead the Mound of Gaia. They live, love, and fight to protect both worlds from destruction. The Mound of Gaia, an erotic fantasy fiction series, is exclusively available on  Bellesa.co.

The Mound of Gaia Stories: 

Don’t miss the newest addition to the series, “Drink Deep and Remember:” What happens when Evander’s morning run by the river takes a dangerous turn? “Drink Deep and Remember” will carry Vera, Sam, and Evander back through the past in order to save their future.