Anne Stagg writes sex-positive, affirming erotic fantasy fiction and advocates for creating healthy, sex-positive, affirming sexual spaces for the LGBTQIA community and women. You can find her stories on Bellesa.co an adult entertainment site that is curated by women, for women.

Current Series: The Mound of Gaia Stories

“The Song of Water” Adventure, erotica, romance, and magic. Meet Vera Desalliers, a powerful Sorceress, Sam, as shape shifter and her Familiar, and Evander, her Guardian and a descendent of the ancient Spartans. The water spirits are hell-bent on making Vera’s day miserable and it is up to her and her lovers to find out why! Join this poly-amorous family of three as they travel between our world and the Beyond, keeping both dimensions safe.  “The Song of Water” is complete on Bellesa.co.

“Rumors of the Wind:”  Vera just wants a quiet day off, but someone has kidnapped one of her trusted companions and taken an ancient secret from the Temple of Gaia that has the power to erase hope from both worlds.  “Rumors of the Wind” is complete on Bellesa.co.

“Flame’s Tongue:” Vera Desailliers is one of the most powerful sorceress’ in any world you’d care to visit. Her lover’s Sam and Evander have worked it out so she has the day off. No work. No wrestling irritable elementals. She’s looking forward to a quiet morning on her own, indulging in a little ménage à moi and making a spectacular breakfast, that is until she finds a mysterious package on her kitchen table. “Flame’s Tongue” Part I  and Part II are currently up on Bellesa.co.